Lost Girls Theatre, company in residence at the Deering Estate, is proud to present the second season of the Getting Lost Reading Series.
All readings are presented at the Deering Estate and are free and open to the public.

Juliet Among the Changelings
By Andie Arthur
Monday December 14, 2015

When she was a baby, Juliet’s mother gave her up to a magical creature for everything her heart desired. At 17 years old, Juliet has spent her entire life torn between two worlds – the normal mundane world of school and the magical world of the women who raised her. Now Lavinia, one of the changelings that raised her, has a plan to get back to the fairy world. Except Juliet isn’t entirely sure she wants to go – because her friend, the foul-mouthed rebel Miranda has a plan for her to find her birth mother.  Before the Winter Solstice, Juliet must figure out who she really is – human, fairy, or something else.

Dreams of the Penny Gods
By Callie Kimball
Monday February 8, 2016

Bug is just your average 13-year-old girl who happens to have been born into a criminal family that's hiding out a storage facility. So naturally, she's transformed herself into a high priestess who's trying to raise the dead. On this particular summer day, her incantations seem to work, setting off an acceleration of events ending in a rough Armageddon that launches her into the world.

Electric Persephone in the Scorpion's Den
By Kara Lee Corthron
Monday April 11, 2016

In this riff on the Persephone myth, B.J. becomes the prisoner and companion to a socially awkward but surprisingly powerful band roadie. In 1970 rock-n-roll America, B.J.’s hope for rescue lies in her record-producing mama, her natural gifts on a Stratocaster, and the father she’s never met. The father she dreams is none other than Jimi Hendrix.

Faust: A Gay Romantic Comedy
By Vyvian Figueredo
Monday June 13, 2016

Faust is a young gay man still living with his mother and doesn't have a car. All he really wants is for Ben, his crush, to pay attention to him. So he makes a deal with the Devil to get Ben to like him. However, Ben is far more interested in Mephistopheles than Faust -- causing an unconventional romantic comedy to ensue.