Lost Girls Theatre

by Will Hollis Snider
Directed by Katherine Siegel
Featuring Elizabeth Abad,
Ashley Chang, Merry Jo Cortada, Vyvian Figueredo, Malia Nicolini, Kent Wilson, and more actors to be announced shortly!

Friday April 11, 7:30 PM
At the Deering Estate's NEW THEATRE SPACE
16701 SW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33157

Part of the Deering Estate's SoBay Festival of the Arts

Messenger No. 4 details the life and times of our title hero, an employee of the great Narrative Inc, which sends out the messengers in all of your favorite Greek and Elizabethan drama. But Messenger #4 longs for something more – the chance to SHOW and not TELL events -- but doing so would be against corporate regulations. Changing his speeches does streamline plots, but it also endangers the entirety of the Western Canon of Literature and perhaps reality itself.

This is a FREE Play Reading at the Deering Estate, though donations will be graciously accepted!


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