Lost Girls Theatre Presents

Getting Lost

A New Reading Series

Join Lost Girls Theatre at the Deering Estate as we present five evenings of magical new work by emerging playwrights. The  plays by Marisela Treviño Orta, Stephen Spotswood, Reginald Edmund, Reina Hardy, and Andie Arthur range from dark fairy tales to epic quests to magical realism – all creating a sense of wonder. Plays will be read with scripts in hand and moderately staged. All readings are free and open to the public.

All Readings Take Place at 8:00 PM
at the Deering Estate

16701 SW 72 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33157
Admission is Free, Though Donations are Graciously Accepted

The River Bride
By Marisela
Treviño Orta
Monday October 13, 2014

Three days before a wedding a handsome and mysterious man is fished from the Amazon River. Set once upon a time in a small Brazilian fishing village, The River Bride is a tale of true love, regret and two sisters who struggle to be true to each other and their hearts.

In The Forest, She Grew Fangs
By Stephen Spotswood
Monday December 8, 2014

Lucy spends her days being tormented and mocked and ghosting through the halls of her high school. At 16, she's come to believe her life will never get better. Then Jenny arrives--a California transplant so out of place in the rural town that she draws everyone’s eye. But Jenny has problems of her own—a manipulative ex-boyfriend and a reputation she's trying to escape. When Lucy nearly drowns during a trip to a forest lake and Jenny saves her, Lucy finds a new reason for living. But unbeknownst to Lucy, there’s an old evil living in that lake—something that finds a home in Lucy. Soon, howls are being heard from the forest and night, and Lucy dreams of chasing things through the forest; dreams where it’s someone else who’s the prey.

A bloody deconstruction of Little Red Riding Hood, In The Forrest, She Grew Fangs takes the familiar elements of werewolves, teen lust, and high school bullies, experimenting with the question of just who’s the victim and who's the monster.

Daughters of the Moon
By Reginald Edmund
Monday February 9, 2015

The first play in Reginald Edmund's “City of the Bayou” Collection, “Daughters of the Moon” follows a runaway slave girl and a former plantation mistress wanted for murder as they embark on a perilous journey North towards freedom, guided by an Ancient African Goddess.

By Reina Hardy
Friday April 10, 2015
Part of the Deering Estate’s Festival of the Arts

Beauty never showed up. After centuries under the curse, the Beast and his one remaining magical servant have moved into a shabby apartment near a 7-11, hoping for a lower cost of living and better luck with girls.  Their building manager, a fellow immigrant with a taste for gingerbread and children, offers help in navigating this threatening, impossible, completely mundane world, but all her gifts come with a price. When an eligible maiden moves into the second floor apartment, the servant (a relentlessly cheery lamp) colludes with the landlady to kidnap the girl.  The servant finds herself assimilating the girl’s identity, her name, and bookstore job.  As she becomes increasingly human, and the Beast becomes increasingly lost, she discovers what– and who– must be sacrificed for an ordinary life.

A Girl’s Guide to Saving the Universe
By Andie Arthur
Monday June 8, 2015

Penny Applebaum is an average college student, whose boyfriend, Will, happens to be the chosen one, the one destined to save Birenllor (a small, magical country that exists underneath a Chicago el station) from The Protectorate, a dark tyrant who has usurped the throne. Unfortunately for Penny, Will has fallen into shadow -- and it is up to her to find him. With the help of a talking lantern and a college professor who moonlights as a wizard, Penny takes her own hero's journey through Birenllor and finds out that Will perhaps wasn't as valiant as he was prophesied to be.


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