Posted: June 22, 2022

Written by seasoned playwrights Andie Arthur and David Loehr. “Where or when?” will consist of two separate, interconnecting audio dramas. In it we follow the story of Olivia, a woman who is simultaneously living both as an under-the-radar lesbian in an interracial relationship in Miami in the 1930s and living with a husband who is an archivist in 2022. How can she be in both times at once? What will happen if time rights itself? And how can one woman reconcile that she’s in love with two different people in two different times?

Loehr’s audio drama will be from the point of view of her husband and Arthur’s audio drama will be from the point of view of Olivia and Jess, her girlfriend. Each part will be six podcast episodes, with the project being 12 podcast episodes. All episodes will be released by the Incomparable Radio Theater and live performances of Andie Arthur’s section will take place in September during Bisexual Awareness Week.


- Male actor, 30s to 40s, any race

- Female actor, 30s to 40s, white

- Female actor, late 20s to early 40s, Black

- Up to seven actors of any age or race or gender to play secondary characters in either timeline. These actors will be expected to play multiple roles.

This time travel adventure and romance is actively in development, and we are looking for actors who enjoy new play development and working with writers to develop characters. We specifically encourage actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and actors with disabilities to submit.


- Rehearsal and recording podcast episodes will take place online over zoom, with some flexibility for conflicts.

- We will have live performances of Andie Arthur’s section on the following dates:

Saturday September 17 at 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM

Sunday September 18 at 7:30 PM

Friday, September 23 at 7:30 PM

Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 PM


Range: $400 to $600

$400 for being a part of the podcast with $40 performance stipend for actors participating in the live performance.


No physical contact is required for any of the live performances. However, actors should be comfortable with LGBTQ themes and romance plots.

Arthur, Loehr, and director Katherine Siegel will be in the room.


- We will send auditionees sides from Arthur and Loehr’s previous work. These do not need to be memorized.


Saturday July 2, 2022 – we will be assigning you time slots. Please let us know your availability. All auditions will be live, but virtual over zoom.


Click the button below to send us your headshot and resume or email them to Andie Arthur at

For any other questions, please contact Andie Arthur at